If you don’t I will whack you with the mod stick. I have been using Ghost for 10 years but this time am not finding myself so confident due to Vista Posted September 5, Many games use the desktop refresh rate, but some will try to force 60 Hz. I thought they’d forgotten about us.

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Any help will greatly be appreciated. I installed XP on the laptop and had a few issues.

Also another reference with the same problem said that switching from AC to batter and back would fix, but not for me. Try downloading the drivers again Posted September 10, The Half Life 2 demo played well with Posted April 23, Hope it could help.

It works very well, but it is very irritating because I use the hybernate mode always. Works fine with everything so far.

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I do have a recovery disk and recovery image in a hidden partition but that does not give any option to increase number of partitions and I want to make atleast 4 partitions in my F3SV. Wondering, if anyone has used Ghost to create your own images on F3SV and has any tips?


Posted September 15, cannor XendanceMay 18, Sign In Sign Up.

P It looks great, but I’m having what seems to be a common problem: After all these procress, run setup. The only issues I have are screen flashing during boot as the desktop loads and failure to come out of standby with a display which requires using cind input selector to choose the external input then back to the internal display to get it back.

94.24 WHQL for XP (7 & 6 series)

I wonder if I should give these a whirl. By rrscape, August 31, in Support Discussion English. Register a new account. Posted September 5, How can i increase my resulation to x? Some games have a refresh rate option that you can set.

Does your external monitor work with? Hi, does it mean that the driver Game stopped running help game wont start Game worked fine but now won’t launch game wont turn on Cheats for 156.01 of Fate Won’t start a New Game Large FPS drop after a few minutes of play I am having issues with video loading, please help. Sign in Already have an account? FPS Problem cannott me if you can.


But I have to do presentations and By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I don’t think that the fact that it is Vista on csnnot partition would change anything. This is the guide i followed when i installed XP: These seem to be really quality drivers, Everything is smooth with them and picked up a little performance boost too.

I can now play with high detail and 16AF.