I’m thinking about building a web server with this board an either and am2 dual or quad core, however I remember I was setting up a linux proxy at work on an ati based mobo and the video driver support wasn’t anywhere near as good as the nvidia ones. Last edited by johnsfine; at I think it might have saved me a lot of time. They appear to work OK in Windows it came with Vista but for some reason they simply do not work with my “Drobo S” under linux. When it comes to Ubuntu

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Originally Posted by thorkelljarl a dual-core CPU with a higher actual frequency will give you better performance for most uses of linux than a triple or quad core CPU with a lower actual frequency but greater computational power.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Last edited by johnsfine; at This worked for me! Originally Posted by Electro There is a lot of libux about multiple processor systems especially a quad processor setup.

Subscribe to our newsletter. You can run this command to find out for sure: You can build a setup at the same price.

Linux + AMD 780G Chipset = No eSATA PMP?

During my research I came across your post. Worked excellently on my Arch with HD I think it might have saved me a lot of time.


I did done edit in grub menu https: The same goes for Frogatto,2D game which works perfect with opensource drivers while closed source ones cause screen tearing on certain places.

If you need to reset your password, click here. Assuming this installed any drivers, reboot your pc and see if that makes any difference. Moving away from unity does help,but not that much,and yes,there were in both cases screen tearing on videos that you can find on youtube regarding tests for tearing,and also tearing with windows but there were on tearing if window would overlap another window application ,weird right.

If you tend to run multiple compute intensive applications at the same time then quad core would be better.

AMD Radeon HD / G Review – Phoronix

The pre-built computer is OK. Windows does not do this as well as Linux, so stop thinking about Windows. By adding this configuration instead of adjusting the compositor settings, I get better benchmark results with glmark2. Originally Posted by johnsfine.

All times are GMT Find More Posts by forum The enhanced configuration is as follows: You are commenting using your WordPress.


were can i find amd g chipset drivers?? – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

Radeon Instinct Accelerators Solutions: Costco usually gives a better deal on HP computers than anyone else, even NewEgg, and Costco’s return policy is much better. Thanks a bunch, Cube! Vulkan and the Vulkan logo are registered trademarks of the Khronos Limux Inc.

If you do this, you actually get better quality products. And sorry for the verbosity, I wanted to layout what I had to do.

And I knew I could always install a compositor if needed. Assembling from parts isn’t very hard, and it gives you valuable extra understanding of linx computer. If so, why do you want to pinch pennies and wait longer.

Can I use the same procedure for Debian 9 as for Ubuntu Notify me of new posts via email. Linux functions well or functions poorly with the particular device components or chips used in the system, and it is those that you should seek to verify for their function with linux.