Wait, and you’ll be prompted to reboot. If the motherboard manufacturer provides a SATA driver installer package specifically for XP, try installing that first. Posted July 29, Define the content of the pm-notification here. Select “” based system and you’re good to go.

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Why don’t you tell us which motherboard model you haveand we can tell you which driver to use.

Here is my installation explained: Preparations This is what you will need: Boot with your BartPE cd. Here it is the screenshots you asked me. I’ll start with why you cannot use AHCI mode without modification.

Thanks for having delivered the requested informations. They are not interchangable with any FM2 and SBxxx series chipset. I need to dig around in my pc because i used to have more amd ahci drivers than there are hairs on a monkey. Mon Aug 21, 4: Also I have to mention Bob which quickly posted this link as a comment my apologies Bob, yes it worked.

Need Help with AMD SB710 AHCI Drivers for WinXP

The reason mentioned above will be used. Nevertheless it is not required to install Win7 again thereafter. Textode you install CPU Z cpuid which you can google, on the mainboard it will tell you the southbridge version.


Make sure Registry Editor PE plugin is enabled. You didn’t even provide the motherboard model. Andrea 1, 3 13 Then it’s all dependant on your controller manufacturer.

A great thank you for this excellent advice. The easiest way after many hours of internet searching that I found was through trial and error and reinstall of image, however, there is a simpler way The 2 file should be in the root folder of your BartPE disc either in a folder or as separate files, depending on how you texrmode them in the PE Builder.

The link Bob posted was exactly what you’re asking for: These drivers are usually part of the chip set drivers and again are for the OS XP or you ahxi installing.

How do you do the same thing in Windows ? Where can I find more drivers to test? Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? But doesn’t XP need a text mode driver as well? Then I manually installed the INF file using: Amr means no out-of-the-box AHCI support.


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In summary you’ll need to do the following to create an XP install CD with drivers for this mobo. This question is part of a larger list of things I’ll need to do before installing a new SSD drive, but I think it deserves its own textmofe. The W7 boot menu happily co exists with XP and you get the option on boot to boot W7 or “an earlier operating system”. Windows shows a warning message.

I hope this helps many people because mobo makers have poor software support.

Unzip the downloaded driverpack s by using WinRAR v5.