Select the lesson that matches your skill level and play along with the Music Library tunes, advancing at your own pace. If the piano still does not work properly, contact your retailer or a nearby dealer. Store up to 10 songs in internal memory and an unlimited number on floppy disk or external PC. Cannot record auto accompaniment rhythm. Use the mixer to change the reverb send and chorus send settings. Disconnect the headphones from the piano.

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Never try to repair the piano yourself. This website is about Electric Guitars and Fender Guitars!

Action Use the mixer Mode to turn off some tracks parts to reduce the number of playback tracks. Any attempt to repair or modify the piano can cause problems with operation.

DSP Pan setting is shifted to either side. Use the mixer to turn on the part or increase its volume.

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Playing on the keyboard produces strange sound when connected to a computer. See page Page E 1.


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Disconnect the headphones from the piano. No sound when playing back from the Music Library. Change the DSP pan setting. Store up to 10 songs in internal memory and an unlimited number on floppy disk or external PC. The mixer DSP setting is turned off for the part to which you are trying to apply an effect.

The mixer reverb send and chorus send settings are 0. Many Music Library tunes come in 3 arrangement levels: Call Now, Toll Free You may notice lines in the finish of the case of this piano. Use the mixer Mode to raise the part volume.

When transporting the piano, use soft cloth to pack around the keyboard and buttons to protect them against damage. Pk-40r Battery This unit is equipped with a lithium battery to provide power needed to retain memory contents while unit power is turned off. This product has been discontinued. Sound output does not change when key pressure is varied. They are not cracks or breaks in the plastic, and are no cause for concern.


PL-40R Manual

No sound from the left speaker or right speaker. See page Page E Trying to record auto accompaniment Select the system track and try Page E to a non-system track non-system recording auto accompaniment again. Check the mixer pan setting. No sound produced by demo tune play.

Auto accompaniment parts are turned off. Specify the channel using the receive channel setting.

Mixer Mode part volume setting is 0. Song volume setting is too low.

Please contact our sales department for help in selecting a similar replacement. Tracks 1 to Page E Auto harmonize effect does not work. Receive channels are turned off. Use the mixer to increase the volume setting for the melody part.