Change the Printout Mode to Normal. I can’t get color out of my color printer. Installing a Mac OS X driver for your printer is the most effective way to ensure your computer can use the printer. Oct 1, 9: Yes, the printer works — it prints on a different computer just fine. It is also printing Landscape documents.

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Dell doesn’t support OSX for this printer so I was wondering how to find which other printers it may emulate that are supported by dell for OSX, or any other solutions for that matter.

Is a Dell Printer Compatible With a Mac? |

Use Basic Printing Mac OS X is able to use some printers in a basic mode even without the manufacturer’s drivers installed. This is really an outstanding overview of the solution for Dell Printer issue. If anyone wants links to the updated drivers since the above ones are broken, they can be found here: I have successfully installed the printer and its drivers, and the Bonjour printer on the XP side.


Any help would be appreciated.

So it’s sitting on my desktop. Is there any other driver i can use for my Mac which supports Dell printers?

Now my settings are saved, which for some reason it just kept ignoring in between apps. Good thing he’s got deol cause I got it to print, for the most part.

Kac had to go into CUSP at http: Just modify your CUPS settings to fit your needs. Charles Disantis Charles Disantis. Welcome to Dell Support Dell: Hey, I have a Dell cn.

This was an amazingly quick fix after a lot of searching on Google. My printer a brand new Dell cn color laser printer prints a test page from control panel just fine. Get Looking for setup HP printer?

Oct 1, 9: Aug 26, 1230cn Instructions will need to be in simple easy to follow language. This is most likely the scenario you would use in an office since it’s likely your office printer is already connected to a network.

Mac OS Printing on Dell 2130cdn

Hey, I have a Dell cn. But a strange thing happens: Jan 13, 9: Granby earned a Bachelor of Science maf computer engineering from Purdue University. So my driver is now: This comment has been removed by the author.


I called Dell tech support and they told me to call MAC tech support.

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This is one of the huge printer for office use but you can easily found Toner Cartridge for Printers if you are using same printer people are commonly using small and low yield printers now a days beyond these the 3D printers are very small yield rather than ordinary printers. Mac OS Printer Installation. Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules.

Get instant st instant assistance to setup your printer at To modify your CUPS you need to type in a web browser localhost: I am not very computer literate.

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