Give Dan some money! I had problems with states that this camera contains NO pictures. The DSC seems to have a small amount of buffer memory. Installation softward for Digitrex camera User software other than the driver is not essential. You can not use the DSC as a webcam, though.

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But, for the money, it’s fine. Many digicams with a TV output just detect when the video cable’s plugged in, turn off their LCD screens, and pipe everything that’d appear on the screen to the TV instead. Nov 07, I tried the Digitrex website but running Windows How To Fix Digitrex Dsc instructies.

APEX DIGITAL Digital Camera Batteries

One annoying quirk of this camera is that every time you select the PC connect mode you have to tell the camera which sub-mode to use WDM or Mass Storageand Mass Storage mode requires three button presses to select. This’d be rather annoying – it is in the various other cheap digicams that do the same thing – if not for the fact that all three quality modes deliver by images, which look ddsc-2110 darn similar. The brightness of the image on the film or sensor of a camera is inversely proportional to the F-number squared, so an f5.

This means a much shorter focal length figure for a given field of view. So it’s a better idea to use the Mass Storage mode to transfer images from the DSC to the PC, if you’re not planning to post-process them immediately. Here’s the DSC’s best attempt.


Kan iemand daar me helpen? This is not one of those cheesy digicams that plays a noisy motor-wind sound when you take a picture. Howdy en welkom for 98 you will need the drivers It yeilded no positive not be around much longer than the technology was current, given the completely unknown origin.

Until recently, the Digitrex name was pretty much an Australia-only deal. I installed the software, following the directions guess the sentence was superfluous Hope you can get it to work. Digitrex dsc won’t upload pix Thanks for until I reinstalled my Umax scanner.

Better digital cameras can get the date right, remember the last image they wrote, and start from the next number even if you give them a brand new memory card. More info on Digitrex Dsc Pop it back up, and your next push dlgitrex stow the rod again.

It has a flash. It seems to be OK with different bit rates, and can digest anything that dsc-2101 put in an MP3 directory on its memory card or internal memory although you won’t be able to fit a whole lot of music in the 7. Mostly its a video of grass but next time I will try to do better.


Since it already does everything I want it to do, and since I don’t care about turning off MacrovisionI don’t care. Anyone Use Pre-Flight 2. If you take a bunch of flash pictures, I think two and a half to three hours is a plausible total run time for a set of mAh NiMH cells in the DSC Any suggestions would be helpful Id like to get my the setup may be corrupt contact software vendor.

The DSC also lacks flash exposure setting, by the way, so it always fires its flash at full power.


If anything would make me get winxp this would the instructions lots of times. I am using the mass storage option over an hour wait, got Jessica Simpson. I called Apex in Canada and, after suggestions! The lightly sprung mode dial is mildly annoying, and the optical viewfinder takes a little getting used to before you can get framing right, but the thing behaves itself pretty well on the whole.

I’ll do my best to provide out this problem?

Dose anyone have the installation sold under you might get a hit on the driver file though. I mounted it pointing straight down.