Media text is Memorex 4. If so, we would love for you to click the ‘like’ button above, so that more people can enjoy the plethora of device hardware and driver information available on this website. Good luck in getting it sorted! Is there special firmware for this? Media made in Taiwan. Comments posted by stavr0 from Canada, December 23,

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Do you have any questions regarding your driver installation?

My media code is a little different, the second byte is 3A. I drw5-s163 not yet burned another DL disc, so it may be that somewhere along the line I somehow got the right combination of things in the right order and fixed it through voodoo.

4KUS DRW-5S DVD-RW CD/DVD Drivers for free download

Media color is Silver Gray. Comments posted by kenneth jones from Sweden, March 20, OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid I think that may be the culprit.


Comments posted by ninja97 from Sweden, March 12, My system was crippled after an update that went horribly wrong. Media does not work whether 9it is burnt at 2x dre-5s163 1x. Media burned well at 2x, haven’t tried 1x Additional information: When all else falls flat take a crack at the driver installation program.

Media text is Memorex 4. It says it changed the book type, and confirms it when queried.

4KUS DRW-5S163 DVD-RW CD/DVD Drivers

Burning reliability is Good. I will burn another DL disc and see how it comes out. So, questions… First, what on earth was I doing wrong?

Comments posted by remz from Other, December 16, Media made in Taiwan.

DVDRW DRW-5S163 resources, firmwares and drivers

Media text is Memorex. Standalone DVD recorder, speed is not selectable and defaults to 2X. Comments posted by rag from Canada, September 11, Media made in China.

OK, you just search for permamanent bitsetting available and know the difference between disctype and booktype?!? So I start searching the net for ways to enable the bitsetting properly.


Number drw-5163 discs 5.

Read 18 comments views Post comment. Comments posted by indolikaa from United States, June 16, I can’t say enough.

Comments posted by stavr0 from Canada, December 23, I was not sure what you meant… One time it sounded like you looked for permanent bitsetting and the next time that disctype and booktype were mixed up.

Thanks for the welcome, Cressida. Would you reveal to me where exactly I could search for it if i consider to go with this install procedure manually? Comments posted by Jason from United States, April 01, How to deal with video card driver problems?