I’ll update this thread with the results most likely mid next week hopefully as they won’t pick anything up until Monday at the earliest. Hi Bert, Thanks for the info. Edited May 6, by Mornats. If I unplug the Forte and reinstall, Windows doesn’t recognise the device the first few times. Then reset mix control from the menu and save any new settings you have to hardware.

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Playing this track back at 64 samples is far better than the that seemed to be the limit earlier. I want super low latency in virtual instruments and good clear sound output. Reviews are good and performs excellently. Steinberg UR22 Mk2 is well worth bta look. Already have an account?

Hello everyone, I thought I would proactively point you in the direction of our current Windows 10 compatibility stance at Focusrite. Works perfectly on USB 3. I’m not actually recording focusrife great into it at the moment so high-quality preamps aren’t a big consideration although they have to be good. But also, the latency is way better than the Forte’s. Focsurite not an issue with Windows 10 as I have not yet upgraded.

That said, I fote like to still represent on here as best I can, and can always pass details onto Tech support to contact back asap. Rock solid stability is a must and the ability to control the volume from the PC would be nice it’s very handy on the Forte as my interface is a distance from my desk.


Hi, i’ve tried several changes, checked focurite drivers but nothing changed. I won’t be purchasing their products even again. Any idea if there are any comparisons of the latency improvements between the Forte and the Scarlett 2nd gen? But I have unusual problems while listening to music and on youtube.

Let me know how you get on. Although I do still have concerns that there will never be any driver updates or optimisations for it.

New Focusrite Forte Driver Available (Beta)

Mine’s plugged in constantly so it could be that too. I ended up buying an Apogee One, which sounds just as good, and works seamlessly. I noticed there’s a free edition but haven’t looked hard enough to see if that would give me any benefit. We typically advise against installing any updates from this page if you’re looking for mature versions of our software, or if you’re using your Focusrite or Novation product on a time-critical project.

Had it with my Focusrite Forte interface – alternatives? RESOLVED – Recording – Basschat

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Too many crunches and glitches. Thanks again Si, I’ll drop the support team a note to mention the huge improvements moving from Avast gave me.

Tried it again and it ran through the track with a few pops and crackles when the focsurite kicked it which has always been one of the most demanding VSTs to be fair. I’ve been meaning to jump from the free AV software for a while due to the nagging they give you to upgrade.


A bit harsh considering windows 10 hasn’t even been released yet and these are beta drivers. We’re happy that our current range of products are fully compatible with Windows 10, however please take some time to read the following article fortr more information on your product, if you need to update your drivers etc: I’m trying to describe what’s been happening in a more useful way than “it just stopped working and I don’t know why” which is kinda what happened but not useful for a support tech!

Here’s an interesting video of a composer showing how he uses two slaves and VE: Had it with my Focusrite Forte interface – alternatives?

External Beta Testing Area

Sign in with your GC account! Please check back later. It reminds me old days, with crappy soundcards I’ll buy a licence for Nod32 when my trial expires.