By enabling FreeMove your mouse will move on the screen exactly as you move it on the surface. To help support this, the Ikari laser features large glide surfaces for minimum friction between the mouse and surface. A wonderful gift for your loved one, or for yourself. Many of our readers may be familiar with SteelSeries through the highly praised 5H headset , mousing surfaces, or their keyboards. That, or they finally tried to sit through the entire intro to Victory Road.

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The back of the box details the more general features, while the sides of the box display the logos of some of the many gaming teams sponsored by Laseg.

Not sure on the screen at the bottom apart from bragging right and putting funny messages about your friends. The Ikari is catered for gamers, and it shows.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review

Click here to cancel reply. There are two white LEDs mounted on the left side of the mouse to indicate the current sensitivity CPI, or counts per inch setting. Last September, the guys at SteelSeries dropped a bomb on the gaming mice market.

Among all the computer hardware makers, SteelSeries is one of the quality producers where all of their products are come with high quality and well designs and ikark is same for Ikari Laser mouse too. Defniitely for the funny messages about your friends…but it is very limiting character wise: All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.


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SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Driver Driver – TechSpot

Laser Sensor Samples per second: See our made to fit SteelSeries Glide Ikari. By Overclock3D on July 17, 85 So it’s quite clear that the SteelSeries Ikari sailed through our testing with flying colours and performed exactly as expected.

I have almost gushed throughout the entire review, so you know I think the Steelseries Ikari is a fantastic mouse. We just got our hands on one such high-end gaming mouse from Steelseries, the Ikari Laser mouse, which amazed us. Any decent cable management on the part of the user will eliminate this problem, however.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Pro Professional Gaming Black Wired 62001

However, let me tell you its price, AEDand this alone changes everything. Here, the general shape and button layout can be seen.

Mirror 1 Mirror 2. While the Ikari may not be iakri any paradigms in terms of looks, SteelSeries has taken several fundamental functions of mice and drastically improved them for gaming purposes. In order to change the sensitivity settings high, low without the use of drivers, an LCD is needed to ikaari the settings. XX Counts per inch: This seems a bit much for a mouse that offers the very Naturally most people will make small diversions causing an uneven bump in what would otherwise be a straight line.


By Tech2 on November 10, 70 PerformanceSteel Series claims that the Ikari laser is not meant for FPS games as they say it might have lasr issues on faster hand movement. This laser is faster and more precise. Once unpacked, the simple fact of taking it in my hand was a revelation and we discovered So how does it stack up to it’s competitors?

All of the buttons are easy to use except the CPI toggle, which requires a finger to curl inwards, and the tactile response of the buttons feels great. Pros Extremely comfortable, great button placement Sensitivity can be fine-tuned to the greatest degree ever possible Accuracy might as The top finish is a comfortable hard plastic while the sides have a slightly more rubberized feel. Its advanced curves make it adaptable lasdr all forms of gaming whether they are fast or slow paced.

By eTeknix on January 14, 80 The Ikari Laser Mouse by SteelSeries has been available for some time but the interest in it has not decreased, a surprising feat for a standard looking mouse.

To help support this, the Ikari laser features large glide surfaces for minimum friction between the mouse and surface.