The CB15 is a simple screw terminal breakout for the DB15 connector. Click-able links to further or related details throughout the online document. For more information about the analog inputs see Section 2. I suggest you continue this discussion on our forums , where we can get into more details about acquiring your signals with the UE9. All 14 analog inputs are available on the DB37 connector.

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They are first class for a coach price Up to 2 FIO can be configured as bit counters. This brings up the test panel where you can read all inputs and write all outputs.

LABJACK UE9-PRO: LabJack UE9-Pro USB – ethernet mini DAQ lab at reichelt elektronik

User menu Login Register Cart Contact. Support resources include forum, FAQs, email, and telephone. The right hand side of the screen will change. Worked flawlessly as always! When only Ethernet is connected, and an isolated power supply is used such as the included wall-wartthe entire UE9 is electrically isolated. When I use the python labjqck, I get a similar result:.


Ue99 Info Wireless Data Acquisition: Is it possible to output higher voltages or sinusoids? This datasheet covers all UE9 variants: Warranty, Liability, Compliance 1 – Installation 1. Provides convenient screw terminals for the See the related app note. All 14 analog inputs are available on the DB37 connector.


When I use the python interpreter, I get a similar result: Programming for custom behavior: We can quickly improve and update content. It has a long service record of reliability and customer satisfaction. Then in the rest of your program, you need to avoid calls that are specific to one hardware or the other, labjsck handle such calls to do something different depending on which device you have opened.

This test panel is a great tool to use often and lets you check out basic hardware operation before trying more complex software.

Got incorrect number of bytes from device.

Expected 57 bytes, got 0 bytes. Then wait seconds and a dialog box will pop up asking you where to save the PDF.

If you are looking at a PDF, hardcopy, or other downloaded offline version of this document, realize that it is possibly out-of-date since the original is an online document. Install the appropriate LabJack driver and software bundle.


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For more information about the analog outputs see Section 2. Mechanical Switch Closure 2.

UE9 Datasheet

Click-able links to further or related details throughout the online document. To specifically restrict your search to just this datasheet, include “site: The script works fine on windows, but on Linux several distros, including Ubuntu 14 the script crashes when it tries to get the device name.

Doing so converts these pages to a PDF on-the-fly, using the latest content, and can take seconds. LJM Modbus Map – Use this tool to discover device features and while developing software to double check register types, names, and functionality.