Nov 10, 6. I finally got the mouse yesterday Amazon UK took a while to ship this and so far so good. I’ve had some expensive Logitechs, but the batteries lasted longer than the mouse itself. Their web site does not seem to carry Mac software. I also use Logitech mice, a G5 at work and a G at home.

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How do one adjust button settings for Logitech MX518?

Nov 28, Posts: I wrote Alessandro, but never did not hear back from him regarding a fix for the GeneBoxJul 29, Click here to login. I’d never really noticed, had been used to it. Record Number of Guests: Logitech now sell this follow-on version is called Logitech Anywhere Mouse M which looks almost identical to the VX Nano, but it is actually a little bit different – it is now a bit heavier instead of using 2 AAA batteries, it now use 2 AA. But it is unfortunate they don’t provide full Mac functionality on their higher-end product.

Logitech MX mouse supported in OS X? – Apple Community

Smoke Sorry, I had the wrong model. I finally got the mouse yesterday Amazon UK took a while to ship this and so far so good. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.


JamesLeeNZJul 30, Log in Create a Unity ID. Jun 4, Posts: MarbleJul 27, No I’m not a fanboy, they just really make good stuff Nov 8, Posts: Logitech has three products they list as “gaming mice: Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom.

Just as well, since Logitech don’t seem anywhere near as Mac-friendly as Kensington! Is there something wrong using the Apple Mighty mouse?

Anything fancy you want to do can be achieved with third-party software such as SteerMouse or ControllerMate, which have been around for a long time and are thoroughly battle-tested by now.

With every new OSX release, there will be some things that no longer work the way they did before or at all. logitfch

Mac Users, what mouse are you using?

Another advantage this mouse has over all other bluetooth mice I have used is that it doesn’t take a minute to wake up – it wakes up almost instantaneously, and it rarely goes lovitech sleep! Prefer wired though, personally.


I appreciate it will no doubt work as a two-button mouse but will I be able to configure the other buttons without the Logitech software? Eric5h5Jul 27, Apr 19, Posts: To have that kind of problem with two completely different mice Also to consider is that OS X has a crazy and not easily controlled acceleration curve, that could potentially be the cause of your issue.

In many cases, the software companies don’t see things any faster than the general population. I have a Logitech V bluetooth using the SteerMouse software. His site does promise mz518 new upgrade, but that’s been over a year ago.

Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team? I also use Logitech mice, a G5 at work and a G at home. I use a Logitech Wireless mouse, lasts forever and amazing to hold.