Obviously, this isn’t a deal breaker but it is definitely something to consider, especially if you have the PS4 Slim as that system only has two USB ports on the front, with no rear option available. We certainly hope so. Now look, not everyone is going to have their PS4 Pro plugged in via Ethernet cable, preferring instead to make use of the system’s Wi-Fi functionality, a fact that would leave the rear USB port free from obstruction. There’s simply a small level of premium that is missing from the overall package in our opinion – whether or not you feel the same and if that affects your purchase only you can decide. Project Diva X was just a fabulous experience when wearing the LS40s. LucidSound LS40 Image 3 of 8.

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The boom mic isn’t best in class but is good and grants distortion free communication.

Not that you would really need it out of the house as the integrated mic is capable of being used for calls. Even souund that opinion-dividing colour — KEF calls it Rose La50 — this is one distinctive driver complement. Review — Hi-Fi News. LS50 Pedigree Cabinet vibration, sound radiation, resonance, and colouration are all eliminated through the seamless integration of the award-winning LS50 speaker’s acoustic features. Earlier on in the year we reviewed LucidSound’s LS20 gaming headset here at T3 Towers and, long story short, we really liked it.

Finally, we la50 on the futuristic racer Wipeout, which in the new Omega Collection is just brutally slick and playable. S-ranking “Satisfaction” on Hatsune Miku: It delivers exceptional sound quality, once only achievable by putting together a system of high quality separate components. Not only were the cries of the numerous market sellers, guards and civilians placed accurately in the sound space generated by the LS40s, but details that we had never heard before rose to the surface.


In the end we managed to plug the dongle in by moving the PS4 Pro’s front edge just slightly off the TV stand it was positioned on there was no space for us to position horizontallythereby allowing the cable sheath to protrude downwards off the edge, however, it just seemed to highlight that the design choice to locate the dongle’s port on the side was not optimal.

The crispness and balance of game audio is excellent across the sound modes too, making the LS40s a genuine option for a wide-variety of applications, both in front of a console sudio not. A dedicated iOS or Android app can allow detailed adjustment to optimise sound for different ls04. Latest leaks claim that sl50.

Engineered to Win

Cookies Policy This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. The crispness of sound across the spectrum is stunning and, when mixed with the volumetric audio delivered from the DTS Headphone: We certainly hope so.

The frame is cool to the touch and finished in a matte, two-tone chrome finish. The carrying pouch is made from a synthetic material and comes with a small carrying hook, while the manual has a straight-forward quick-start and setup guide inside in various languages. The simple answer is yes, yes it could.

The beauty of the LS50 Wireless is its effortless combination of simplicity and elegance. The idea is to improve the way the speaker disperses sound and help integration. Why not just have the port on the end of dongle, thereby removing the need for clearance? The first thing we noticed when we took a close-up look at the LS40s was that they are equipped with the same type of cheap-looking ear pads that we criticised on the sounc LS20s.


The LS40s have dual mics with mic monitoring.

The intensity was white hot. Against Demanding of partnering equipment.

LucidSound LS40 Surround Wireless Universal Gaming Headset review | T3

The LucidSound LS40 7. Again, the LS40s performed admirably, with an incredibly aggressive and immediate audio delivery that blew us away when we first hit the track. Each ear cup can be rotated through a pleasingly wide arc, and there is that lovely piston-feel resistance on each, which means that the angle at which each is orientated does not change accidentally when taking the headset on and off, or placing it down on a flat surface between uses.

Placement Flexibility Adjust how the LS50 Wireless sounds using a selectable EQ tuned to compensate for different mounting scenarios, creating more options for placement and positioning.

Just how much bigger can the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G get?! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. T3 Verdict While a few elements of the overall package aren’t ideal, the LS40s sound stunning.

The dub step-heavy, trance-tastic soundtrack in le50 with the engine wail of the blisteringly fast ships would also really put the LS40s through the ringer.