In idle mode, the power supply stays cool. Million-core neuromorphic supercomputer could simulate an entire mouse brain. The overly loud cooling system takes away from the overall rating. In the horizontal plane, you can still recognize what’s on the screen when standing right next to the notebook, although the screen brightness does drop off at about 45 degrees. Nvidia Graphics Card, GX: When buying this notebook, you should first make sure you have the model with the display you want. Almost all the hardware is accessible through a large opening located at the bottom of the base unit, so that—other than a few screws—there’s nothing in the way of a memory upgrade later on or a switch to an SSD.

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They’re nothing to write home about. Keyboard – keys. Finally, the DVD burner is also found on the right side.

Nevertheless, the keyboard does have its good points. Log in or Sign up. This makes it hard to call the notebook truly mobile, but taking it with you to your next LAN party or for a movie night at a friend’s house shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Nevertheless, the quality of the sturdy build leaves no rooms for complaints. The keyboard is very flimsy and already starts to cave in under pressure of normal use. Having the turbo mode on doesn’t shorten the battery life by much, which dropped to 62 minutes.


MIT’s BeeMe giant social experiment puts a turbp under internet control. Start8 is a paid app after the trail period ends.

All that said, I leave my video card at stock clocks and lock my processor at 2. Moreover, the volume can be turned up a good deal before it sounds distorted. Similar Devices Review Update: The two together make a very powerful but very energy-consuming team. The hard drive is rated the slowest of the hardware at 5.

Crysis – CPU Benchmark The black level and contrast ratio of the screen are, however, quite disappointing. Rivian amps up adventure with mile all-electric pickup truck. The hardware in place here will get the heart of any gamer to pound with excitement. The placement of all these ports at the back is made possible by the fact that the battery is located elsewhere, thus freeing up the area. From weapons to works of art: With high detail settings on and a resolution of 1,x—displayed in p—the GXR manages a still very good 56 fps.

The manufacturer’s warranty allows for 24 months of Collect and Return Service.

Download MSI GX Notebook Intel Turbo Boost Utility for Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit

This is evident not mei by the tests we did but also by the noise produced by the fans. Dimensions – L x W x 55 H mm. Glossy displays make it hard—sometimes almost impossible—to see the screen outdoors but help make colors more vivid indoors. Temperature In idle mode, you can hold the MSI GXR on your lap without any worries and start surfing the internet or do some office tufbo. Audio is done by Dynaudio.


Review MSI GX660R Gaming Notebook

You need the app by pherein to set the speeds on the fan, and RW-everything to enable controller write, and then you can make your own profiles mai the fans, going up to max fan speed. Where to find PremaMod?

MullrofFeb 26, Mmsi the 3D Mark 06 benchmark, the GXR makes it into the upper third with points and finds itself just behind comparable models like the Asus G Although the processor and resolution are below average for the cost, the GXUS boasts an advanced ATI HD graphics card for enhanced gaming that makes up for it.

Since our test model is a preproduction sample, the accessories included in the package we received won’t necessarily correspond to those of the finished product, especially considering how few there are. Please share our article, every link counts!