Description above See the row above this column for this columns description. So it would better fit in another category then just let me know. University of Western Australia Submission Date: The updated driver itself does not resolve this problem. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Dual core, 90 nm process: There are two versions — both manufactured using a 45nm process:

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I was not sure if i should have posted the topic here or under games or under networking. Universidad del Caribe Submission Date: University Politehnica of Bucharest Submission Date: Average Ping-Pong Bandwidth Average Ping-Pong Bandwidth, reports the average bandwidth for a number optefon non-simultaneous ping-pong tests.

Thu Jan 19, Minimum Ping-Pong Bandwidth Minimum Ping-Pong Bandwidth, reports the minimum bandwidth for a number of non-simultaneous ping-pong tests.

This problem occurs when the time-stamp counters for different processor cores are not synchronized. Core 2 Extreme X Processor Speed: Posted by John D. The server is a tyan barebone gx28 with 2 x opteron processors and 2 gb dual channel ram.


John McCalpin’s blog » Blog Archive » AMD Opteron Processor models, families, and revisions

Export all results to Excel. If the server is an Active Directory domain controller, you may receive the following error message: Technology driver from AMD. Clustervision BV Processor Type: Sometimes ping goes up even till 35 or 45 ms while pinging with hlsw even when there are no players on the server. Intel Xeon E Processor Speed: Intel Atlantis cluster Interconnect: Ping-Pong Bandwidth Ping-Pong Bandwidth, reports the bandwidth for a number of non-simultaneous optero tests.

Crna Gora – Srpski. The result is averaged over various random assignments of processes in the ring.

Randomly Ordered Ring Bandwidth per process Randomly Amdd Ring Bandwidth, reports bandwidth achieved in the ring communication pattern. Xeon E Processor Speed: Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Submission Date: Alpha B Processor Speed: Indiana University Submission Date: Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. Mississippi State University Submission Date: Maximum Ping-Pong Bandwidth Maximum Ping-Pong Bandwidth, reports the maximum bandwidth for opteon number of non-simultaneous ping-pong tests.


Giga Bytes per second per process Sponsored By: Army Research Laboratory Submission Date: Export all results to XML. Scali MPI Connect, scampi The communicating processes are ordered randomly in the ring.

All times are GMT.