Substitute Tray If the machine is not installed with the tray determined by the automatic tray selection feature, select whether or not to use the paper loaded in another tray as a substitute. Check the network cable connection. When all documents have been scanned, select [Last Original]. To prevent characters being garbled when switched from one character set to another, you can restrict the input to ASCII characters only. Turn Wheel 2c in the direction of the arrow to eject the jammed paper. How to Determine Document Size The document size is determined by comparing the hard clip area for each paper size, based on the ACA obtained in the scaling mode, paper margins, and area determination mode. To ensure clean copies at all times, clean the document feeder roller about once a month.

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CartridgeMate ยป Fuji Xerox APEOSPORT II Laser Cartridges

Cause The machine does not have the offset feature. Send to Relay, Print at Local Sends a report to the relay station specified by the machine, and also prints on the machine.

Warning Do not use conductive paper such as carbonic paper or coated paper. This feature is useful if you need to make separate scans for facing pages of bound originals such as a booklet.

Apeosplrt [File Destination – Line Setup].

This is the end of the check procedure. To deselect all the documents, select this button again. Relay Broadcast Broadcast Register the following information in the address numbers of the primary relay station and the secondary relay station in advance.


Setup Menu Select [Address Book]. Stamp Adding a Stamp when Scanning a Apeosporf Use the same procedure for C-Finisher optional. The machine supports the following authentication types: For information about how to enter characters, refer to “Entering Text” Recipient s E-mail Backspace Moves the cursor back to delete one character.

Compatible Toner Reset Chip – suits Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010

Before Using The Machine 1 Before Using the Machine This chapter describes how to use this guide, as well as safety notes and legal notice you need to read before using the machine. Page Scanning Procedure The following describes aleosport to store scanned data into a mailbox. Trouble during Faxing Trouble during Faxing This section describes how to solve fax problems. Width units are 0. The apesport buffer for spooling uses the hard disk.

Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the following table to prescribe the remedy. A different type of paper such as colored paper and heavyweight paper can be used as the front and back covers of copies.

Select the item to be set. Job Flow Sheet Types The following four types of job flow sheets are available for the machine. For information about the printable area, refer to “Printable Area” P.

Value 2 Side Print 0 Default: Re-enter Recipients Set whether to re-enter the recipient after once specifying the recipient, in order to reduce the risk of sending fax or iFax to the wrong address.


Trouble during Faxing Cause The machine is in the system administration mode. Action Correctly specify the save destination. You can send documents without concerning for which side is the front. Manual Send is the transmission method that allows you to send a fax after you make a phone call to a destination machine and then check that the connection is established.

Communication Mode Setup Menu Relay Station Setup When the machine is used as a relay station in a relay broadcast, select whether or not to certify the registered address number as an initiating station for the relay broadcast. apeowport

Compatible Toner Reset Chip – suits Xerox ApeosPort-II –

Page About Internet Fax Forwarding documents stored in mailboxes By enabling the forwarding feature and registering a forwarding e-mail address for a mailbox beforehand, the fax documents stored in the mailbox are automatically forwarded to the specified computer. For information about the operation, refer to “Job Flow Sheets” P.

Page Trouble during Copying The document edges are Cause The document is larger than the printable area.

Output Format 1, 2, 3 Adds page numbers only.